Screening Services

Kidz OT Essentials provides an Occupational Therapy screening assessment service for kindergarten and pre-primary students.

The screening is based on developmental norms and aims to assist in identifying any difficulties the student may be experiencing, so that early intervention can be pursued. We believe early intervention is integral to empower students to reach their potential and develop their confidence.

The screening covers areas in fine motor, gross motor, perceptual and cognitive skills. Some of the areas screened include:

  • Fine motor skills: hand strength, coordination and agility; pencil and scissor skills
  • Gross motor skills: locomotor skills; crossing of the midline, balance, ball skills, postural and shoulder control
  • Perceptual skills: basic concepts, spatial awareness, visual figure ground, visual discrimination
  • Cognitive: Memory, attention and concentration; sensory processing

If you would like more information or to discuss services further, please contact us to book in a meeting with our therapists. In the meetings we will go through the screening process in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Child Playing With Blocks
Child Balancing